Upgrading Gas Hot Water Systems

State Government fundings are still available if you currently have a gas hot water system

As gas supply is expected to fall in the future, gas prices will rise exponentially.

Take advantage of the available government subsidies to upgrade from gas, and protect your household from the rising energy bills!

Switch to the cleaner, more energy-efficient water heating system that saves up to 80% on energy usage.

Upgrades available from $2,150

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Got Solar Panels on your roof? This makes the switch from gas to a heat pump hot water system the winning combo!

Our heat pumps come with a built-in timer so you can set the system to run only during your peak solar generation timing (i.e. 10 am–4 pm). This means that the heat pump will be operating on your solar-generated electricity, reducing or even eliminating the cost of heating your water each day.

Many homes are not fully utilising solar-generated electricity and the excess power is sent back to the Grid. The solar feed-in tariff, which is the amount you get for the excess power, is reducing rapidly. This UNSW study finds that it is best to store excess solar in a thermal form in your hot water storage tank compared to a battery. No need for a $10,000 battery storage or an electric vehicle to store your excess solar energy!

Why Upgrade to Heat Pump Hot Water System?



For every unit of energy used to run heat pumps, 3-4X more thermal energy is generated. This efficient process can save you $1,000s on hot water bills!



Heat pumps don't rely on LPG lines, gas canisters, or sunlight to operate - they work at all times of the day or night and in all weather conditions



Heat pumps produce no greenhouse gas emissions and only utilise the air to heat water, significantly reducing your household's carbon footprint.

Just 3 simple steps to start saving!
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Seriously. There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain from updating your old out dated inefficient hot water system.

If your an owner occupier then it makes sense to upgrade now.

We will be closed for the holidays from 23rd December to 8th January 2023.
All applications submitted during this period will be reviewed in the new year. We look forward to assisting you!